How do I…?

How do I get username and password information for access to websites from home?

Please contact your school’s teacher-librarian for this information. There are a large number of research resources on this website that  require a username and password to access from home. There are also other educational websites that may require the use of some sort of user ID and password.  Contact information for each school can be found on the Greater Victoria District website.

How do I reset or change the password for my GAFE/G-Suite/sd61learn account?

You can change your sd61learn account password from a school computer on which you have logged onto with your network username and password and go to GAFE Password Reset.

How do I look for a book from my school library?

There is a Library Catalog link on all pages of this website. From the page that appears select your school name.

How do I get information and resources from my own school library?

You may find links to online resources and information just for your school’s library on your school’s library catalog homepage. Some teacher-librarians also have an additional library website they have created for your school. You can find these websites by going to your school’s homepage. You can find your school’s website by going to the Greater Victoria District website.